Space Dust

Space Dust Texture Powder


Vegan Friendly 

Cruelty Free 

Paraben Free 

Sulfate Free 

Alcohol and Glycerin Free 

Easy to Wash Out 


Style Hold: 3/5

Textured look: 4/5

Full Matte Finish


Our legendary SPACE DUST is truly out of this world! Designed to be used alone or with one of our styling products, our matte finish texture powder will bring your hair back to life rescuing flat or fine hair making it look more full and with volume.

Usage Instructions: Sprinkle and lightly cover your hair. Style with hands or Crazy Bull texture comb. For an additional volume boost, pre-style with our Bull Blaster Salt Spray.

Designed and distributed in the UK. 

Sweet melon scent

Size: 20 Grams