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Thank you for your interest in our Crazy Bull Ambassador Programme

As you may understand, we receive many requests for ambassadorship and have had to create a programme, process and FAQ for bringing on new ambassadors to our team.

There is a process we follow when selecting new candidates and we always start ambassador applications with a six month minimum trial as a collaborator.

Please read every section carefully and e-mail us at if you have any questions. 


Minimum collaboration requirements:

1. You must already be using or stocking Crazy Bull products in your shop for a minimum period of six months. We do not accept ambassador or collaboration applications from non-stockists or non-users of the Crazy Bull range. 

2. You should have the ability to market yourself as a barber professional and have a steady and sizeable follower base to include multiple platforms (IG and/or Tik Tok as a minimum). *Please note - we do not normally accept barber ambassadors who have combined personal and business pages. 

3. Work consistently as a trial collaborator for a minimum period of 6 months (6 months as a stockist and 6 months as an official collaborator). Collaborators will receive product discounts, reposts, sharing of your work and content and will allow us to observe your work ethic and content quality. If the quality of your content is useful for our relationship with you, we can provide further product discounts and event opportunities.

Upon 6 months of steady collaboration we will review your ambassador application and provide you with a decision.

To be considered for a 6 month collaboration relationship please e-mail us or contact us via instagram or facebook. Please note we have limited collaboration opportunities. 


Common issues we find with collaborators that do not become selected for ambassadorship:

1. Lack of consistency of work and posting frequency. We believe that a good brand and ambassador relationship is built upon frequency and quality. Barbers that post daily but place too much emphasis on the trim but do not add value for the brands have no benefit to our ability to grow together. Ultimately we are a brand that serves consumers and works with barbers. We are not a barber trim reposting page and require some emphasis be placed on our product range. 

2. Not allocating time in your weekly schedule to plan, produce and improve marketing content daily. We understand most barbers become busy with appointments and maintaining their business however a common mistake which we see is that some barbers do not allocate time to grow themselves and their marketing. Barbers that cannot manage their time are not a great fit for ambassadorship in our eyes. 

3. Poor or inefficient communication. We are a business and operate business during normal business hours. Quite often barbers post and request collaborations late in the evening. This causes issues in our ability to engage, comment or share your posts as we will delay the work until the next business day and your content may become lost in the notifications we receive. Barbers that cannot accept feedback are not a great fit for a professional relationship with our brand. 

4. Not marketing yourself well. As a brand we do not want to be the primary focus of your career. We want you to market yourself as a professional, growing into your career ambitions but finding ways to bring Crazy Bull into your daily marketing. We appreciate working with barbers that are professional and ambitious and find ways to grow their reputation in the industry and abroad. 

What do we require from selected ambassadors?

1. The ability to produce high impact content (photos, marketing content, reels and short videos on IG and Tik Tok) demonstrating the values and use of our Crazy Bull hair care and styling products alongside your barbering work.

2. Photos of trims with Crazy Bull products tagged/or mentioned clearly. (DLSR or professional images are best). 

3. Content that we could promote that explains the relationship consistently between our brand and collaborators.

4. Educational content explaining your techniques and skills as a professional.

5. Creative project opportunities that will allow for co-branding or support for each other to attain further exposure and growth to include transformation cuts and visually entertaining work.

6. Engaging with your followers and supporting fellow collaborators and ambassadors. 

7. A minimum frequency of 5 stories a week and 2 content posts per week (reels, videos, photos). 

What does Crazy Bull offer our ambassadors?

1. Event and show opportunities. As we grow in the UK market and abroad, we are planning various shows and event opportunities for our barber ambassadors and quality collaborators. 

2. Publication and magazine features.

3. Exclusive ambassador discounts.

4. Paid and non-paid content production work.

5. Early access to new Crazy Bull products and apparel. 

6. The ability to grow with our brand and gain global exposure to your professional work and reputation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Why do I have to collaborate for 6 months to be considered for ambassadorship?

We receive numerous requests daily and as a result have had to create a system to ensure that a brand and collaboration relationship is fair and provides opportunities to those interested. Collaborations allow us to work casually together and provides you exposure via our platform if we choose to share your content. It also allows our content viewers and barber clients to consistently see our relationship growing on social media. 

I don't use social media but I am an experienced barber professional, can I be considered for ambassadorship?

Please understand that we are a marketing heavy brand who has grown and finds new opportunities via social media. We see great value in social media collaboration and production of engaging and entertaining content. While we also value professional experience, it is difficult for us to achieve the same publicity with a barber who does not use social media or who does not have the ability to produce engaging content. 

I am an independent barber working in a barbershop that has their own label products (or is using another brand). Can I still be considered for ambassadorship? 

Unfortunately unless you are able to sell and use Crazy Bull products in your barbering service, there is a clear limitation on your ability to market and collaborate with us. 

Why do your current ambassadors choose new ambassadors?

We have built a respectable community of ambassadors and want to continue to work with professionals who are personable and easy to get along with. We also want our ambassadors to be supportive and friendly to each other; not to compete with each other. Therefore we ask our current ambassadors for their input when deciding upon new ambassador requests however we ultimately reserve the ability to make the decision. 

Do you consider mobile barbers for ambassadorship?

Generally we do not consider mobile barbers for ambassadorship as we find it difficult to use their content. 

Please review the info above and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail us

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