Terms & Conditions

The standard hire is for 3 hours within 25 miles of CW100ET. Longer time and further distances by negotiation. Please allow an hour either side of your hire period for setting up and dismantling.

The inflatable base is 16 ft in diameter. A space of at least 18ft x 18ft is required, preferably more.


  • Access to the proposed site should be clear of obstructions and a minimum width of 36 inches is required to get the bull motion base through.
  • Please advise if there are steps along the access path.


  • A standard domestic electric power point will be needed.
  • We will supply all necessary cabling.
  • For more remote locations, we can provide a generator at an additional cost
The equipment is supplied with an operator. No other person will be permitted to operate the bull

All participants will be asked to sign the following disclaimer:

Crazy Bull – Disclaimer
Persons using this rodeo bull equipment do so at their own risk!
This is a high speed motion unit and whilst every precaution is taken to prevent injury, this ride is designed to unbalance and unseat the user and as such the body is subject to exceptional and unpredictable forces which could put you at risk of injury including sprains, bruises, grazes, cuts and even broken bones.
By signing this form I acknowledge and accept the above stated risk statement and accept that I use this equipment entirely at my own risk and will not hold David Lee trading as “Crazy Bull” responsible for any injury occurring as a result of using this rodeo bull.
I have read and understand the conditions of use listed below and agree with the following:-
I will not wear shoes or take food or drinks, spectacles, keys, earrings, or other sharp objects onto ride.
I am over 1.2 metre’s high
I am under 18 stone
I am not pregnant
I am not blind or suffer impaired vision
I am not intoxicated either by alcohol or drugs.
I do not suffer from heart conditions, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or have neck spinal injuries, or are recovering from surgery and/or recurring injury.
I will not use or go on the equipment unless instructed by the operator.
I except only one rider at a time is allowed on the rodeo bull.
I understand users must be able to mount the rodeo bull unaided.